Before you begin:

  • You will need a background image for your Story page as well as your Interview page. It would be best to use photos that you take. Images should be at least 1024x758. If you must use an image you find online, you will need to credit the web page where you got it.
  • You should try to get an image for your recipe. Again, a photo you take is best. This image can be smaller.
  • If you search for an image online, use search.creativecommons.org.
  • Send your image file to kwilkens@stab and indicate what page, interview or recipe it is for.
  • For your Story page, you will need to identify what phrases you will provide sound files for because those will have link code around it. (Story Script)
  • For the Interview page, you will need to figure out a clue to share about what text you will hide the recipe under.
  • Select template to remix it and add your content.
  • Look for comments in uppercase, eg. <!-- DO SOMETHING HERE --> to find where to make changes.
  • Update with your content.
  • Save page & test it. You will need a Persona account to save the page (use your stab e-mail when you register).
  • Share page URL
  • Questions? Stop by CS Lab to ask Ms. Wilkens or e-mail (kwilkens@stab.org)