6th Grade Art Project

Raster (Bitmap) vs. Vector (GIMP is a raster graphics editor)

Gothic-style building must:

  • have at least 1 spire
  • have at least 1 rosette window
  • have at least 2 gargoyles
  • have all the features of a building doors, at least 3 or more large windows
  • be in an Gothic-style (you may change the foot print into a cross, or have a vaulted ceiling porch, get creative!)

Steps for getting gothic images:
  • Login to your school e-mail
  • Open to Gothic Art google drive
  • Begin with building 1, 2, or 3 (download)
  • Cut and paste gothic features onto the building from images in folder (download those images).
  • You may need to collect images for gargoyles. Please take a screen shot (Command + Shift + 4) get approval from Ms. Cox
  • Once you have all the images you need to create your gothic masterpiece, you can start assembling in GIMP.

GIMP Tips:
  • To grab the item from an image you want, use the rectangle or ellipse selection tool. Then select Edit -> Copy. Go to base building and select Edit -> Paste as -> New Layer.
  • Move object with move tool (one with arrows up, down, left right).
GIMP tips.png