6th Grade

Spanish Story

To create your story you must use the following vocabulary:
  • hay
  • es de
  • quiere + (verbo)
  • viene a
  • dice
  • se escapa
  • le pregunta
  • hacia
  • espera

*Very useful words:
  • entonces
  • ahora
  • luego
  • después
  • otra vez
  • finalmente
  • el próximo día

Your story will be created using Scratch
  • Make sure your story has a title, characters (at least 2), setting, plot, conflict, solution, theme
  • For your characters choose sprites available in Scratch (if you finish early, you can create your own sprites)
  • When writing your ideas, use the Spanish you already know
  • Remember the more complicated your ideas are, the harder will be for you to express them in Spanish
  • Wordreference.com can be used
  • Have your writing checked by your teacher
  • Record your story
  • Make sure you are recording in a quiet place and say your story out loud and clear
  • Don’t forget to state your name clearly

Code a Story for Spanish.png