5th Grade Digital Art Project

Raster (Bitmap) vs. Vector (Inkscape is a vector graphics editor)

Steps for collecting images that show texture:
  • Login to your school e-mail
  • Go to google drive
  • Create a google drive folder to store images & citations (eg. digital art)
  • Open your folder
  • Create a citations document (this is where you will note the URLs, where you find your images)
  • Search for texture-related images using Creative Commons Search
  • Take a screen shot (Command + Shift + 4)
  • Copy the URL where you got the image & paste it into your citations document
  • Drag your screen shot into your digital art folder (you might want to go to the desktop first & rename images)
  • Once you have all the images you need to create your mask, you can start creating your mask in Inkscape.

Inkscape directions:
Inkscape is a great tool to create shapes with. You will create shapes to form your mask & then infuse those shapes with the texture images you collected. For each shape you will:
  • From your digital arts folder on google drive, download one of your texture images
  • Layer -> Add Layer (create a new layer)
  • File -> Import (select your image to use with this shape)
  • Move image off the palette with Selection tool
  • Create a shape
  • Move shape over image with Selection tool
    • If shape is under image, Object -> Raise to Top
  • Highlight both image & shape with Selection tool
  • Object -> Clip - > Set
  • Move new object to the palette
  • Repeat for each shape

More Inkscape Info