5th Grade

Spanish Family Scrapbook

  • Using the family vocabulary studied in class (mom, dad, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, 1-2 cousins, and a pet) make a scrapbook
  • You will use Scratch to make your family scrapbook
  • For your family scrapbook you need to choose Scratch sprites to represent family members (if you finish early, you can create your own sprites)
  • Describe each family member using descriptive words studied in class
  • You can use other vocabulary and grammar that you know to add more information about your family member
  • Each family member should be described in 2-3 complete sentences
  • Wordreference.com can be used
  • Have your writing checked by the teacher
  • Record your lines
  • Make sure you record your work in a quiet place and say it out loud and clear
Family Scrapbook for Spanish.png

Family Scrapbook for Spanish (1).png